I have no idea how many times I’ve used my “Three Legged Stool’” theory in business, health and life, but please pacify me yet again. It’s a simple theory about a small stool supported by three legs, all of equal size and importance, and precisely located to provide proper balance. The concept is pretty simple: if any one of the legs is weaker, smaller, or broken, the stool will be basically useless. In relating this theory to health and fitness, with the three legs being a Sound Workout Regimen, a Healthy Diet, and a Positive Mental Attitude.


Let’s focus on balancing your workout regimen and the importance of diversity when you exercise. A balanced workout makes the difference in a fitness program from being an enjoyable part of the day or a grueling chore. Not only does it reduce boredom by breaking the monotony, but it substantially reduces the risk of injuries from overworking the same muscles and joints and neglecting other important parts of your body.


A well-rounded workout plan consists of its own “three legged stool” with the three legs being Cardiovascular Training, Strength Training, and Stretching.


It is well documented that cardiovascular training aids in thwarting off many age-associated illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, breathing issues, to name a few. Cardiovascular training enables the body’s cells to get the oxygen needed to burn stored fats for energy. Also, neglecting cardio training will, in the long term, hinder your overall level of fitness by not properly conditioning the heart to provide the endurance needed for intense exercise.


Strength training or weightlifting, is necessary to develop muscle density, tone and healthy body mass. Study after study has proven that healthy muscle mass increases your body’s metabolism. In fact, adding just one pound of lean muscle to your body will burn an additional twenty-thousand to twenty-five thousand calories per year. And of course, healthy, toned muscle will give us a more shaped and appealing physique. Strength training makes our daily activities such as lifting objects and walking up stairs easier and reduces the risks of injury by providing our joints with the necessary muscle support.


Stretching is the third component to our stool and is the perfect partner with strength training. This is one component of good health and fitness that is so often neglected or downplayed, but many studies warn of the danger of beginning and finishing a workout without a proper stretching session. Every time my body feels tight and inflexible is a sure sign that I’ve neglected a few quality stretches into my day. Most people fail to realize that as little as a fifteen to thirty second stretch for each major muscle is all that it takes to experience increased flexibility and decreased muscle and joint pain.


Balance can be achieved by:

The Gym: Body Systems has a wealth of various types of cardiovascular, strength and stretching equipment that when properly utilized, will lead to a seriously focused, balanced, and results-oriented fitness program.


The Group: Our array of classes is a great way to commit to consistent participation in working out is to register for a class that provides the inspiration of group participation.


Your Friend: There is nothing more motivating than to have a partner that inspires you to work harder. Knowing that you have friend depending upon you will keep you balanced and consistent.


The Trainer: Having a certified and qualified personal trainer to guide you and help you through the plateaus and hurdles, as well as structuring your conditioning for optimal results are invaluable. Seek one of our professionals to help achieve the appropriate balance specifically designed for you.


Stressing the importance of balance can not be overrated. Whether it be in your workout, your diet, or your daily activities, you will never achieve your best unless you continuously work towards diversity. Break the monotony and boredom and try something different. You will be amazed at the results!